Every Stratechic has had a life-changing moment of clarity. A moment when her spirit stills, her mind sharpens and her inner voice gives expression to the reality of her situation. My moment of clarity happened several years ago after I’d started working for a large entertainment company. My new manager called me into his office and politely told me I was hired even though one of my references had advised, “Michele is not the best person for the job.” I was stunned given each of my references had assured me they would provide glowing recommendations. That was my pivotal moment of clarity. Although one of my references had stated what I wanted to hear, his actions had never shown sincere support or partnership. He was slow to return my calls and had a pattern of canceling our meetings. I was oblivious to an obvious truth and my blind spot almost caused me to get blindsided! The 10-step Stratechic framework starts with Self-Awareness because being a Stratechicmeans knowing who is fighting for you and who may be fighting against you.